Deals FAQ

"Hey, You got a deal going on right now, I got questions?"

Welcome future valuable clients! So you saw our deal and want more information? You got it! Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to deals. If you have any other questions or need to speak to a live operator, please call us at (703) 537-1476.

1. What does this deal include?

The deal from and WUSA9 featured from April 25 - 27 will include a basic home cleaning package for 3 maid hours of cleaning for $75.

2. What does the basic home cleaning package include?

For a detailed checklist of what is included, please click here. Our basic package is intended for maintenance of your home in between either yourself cleaning or a professional company (no longer than 3-4 weeks of last cleaning.) It is not intended for homes that have not been cleaned for longer than up to 4 weeks, de-cluttering, overly dirty, unorganized homes. If this is the case, we will gladly upgrade for a deep cleaning.

3. Can I upgrade the voucher after I purchase it?

Yes, we will gladly upgrade your voucher to your choice of deep cleaning or a move-in/move-out cleaning:

Deep Cleaning Upgrade: $50/hour (in addition to the deal voucher)

Move-in/Move-out Upgrade: Up to (2br/2ba): +$60 Deal #3 (5br/3ba): +$90

4. What is included in a deep cleaning?

For a detailed checklist, please click here. Our deep cleaning package is intended for homes in need of a little extra TLC. It includes the basic package plus mopping of hardwood floors, wiping of baseboards, cleaning of windows (inside only), wiping of cabinet doors...just to mention a few. *Please note, if you purchased a basic cleaning package and your home is in need of a deep cleaning (overly dirty, cluttered, etc.), we will charge the mandatory upgrade fees listed above. We will let you know in advance upon arrival if this is the case.

5. What is included for a move-in or move-out cleaning?

For a detailed checklist, please click here. Our moving cleaning package is for homes that are empty, no furniture and free of any large debris/garbage. It is the package to get if you are either a landlord getting ready for new tenants or your tenants wanting their deposit money back from the landlord. The few key additional services that are included: Cleaning inside all emptied major appliances (fridge, oven, freezer if non-frosted), inside of all kitchen and bathroom cabinets, inside closets, laundry room. It does not include any exterior rooms (porch, balcony, garage,unfinished areas, sunroom, etc.) *Please note, if you purchased a basic cleaning package and your home is in move-in/move-out condition, we will charge the mandatory upgrade fees listed above.

6. What are the additional services I can get at discounted prices?

With the deal, are proud to offer these commonly requested add-ons for an amazing price:

  • Basement / Attic (up to 550 sf, 1 bathroom max): $30
  • Basement / Attic (up to 1000 sf, 2 bathroom max): $55
  • Additional hour: $75/hour (basic clean) $125/hour (deep clean)
  • Window cleaning (inside only): $5 per window
  • Inside refrigerator cleaning and sanitizing (up to 40 items in fridge): $25 (up to 70 items): $40
  • Inside oven cleaning and sanitizing: $25
  • Both refrigerator and oven cleaning: $40
  • Excessive Pet hair removal: $30
  • Mopping of hard wood floors: $15 per level include 1 flight of stairs.

7. This deal price is amazing, what if I want to continue service if I like you?

It is our goal to impress and wish to have you as a long term client. For a limited time only, is offering continued service for the same price as you paid with your deal! What's the catch? The appointments must not be longer than 29 days apart. Please arrange this with the office after your first appointment.

8. I just bought this voucher, now what?

Please click here to fill out our mandatory form to request service. There will be a space to request dates that you wish to have service. Please keep in mind that the more flexible you are with timing and availability, we will be able to better accomodate your request. An agent will be with you within 4 business days to either book your appointment on your requested date or if the date is not available, our agents will contact you to arrange a time that would work for you. If you need immediate attention, please fill out the form and give us a call at (703) 537-1476.

9. I have a 3 bedroom house but only need 1 bedroom cleaned, should I purchase Deal#1 (up to 2br/2ba)?

That is actually not permitted. The reason being, a 3 bedroom home is commonly built with accomodating common areas. Moreover, a typical one bedroom home would only have 1 bathroom, 1 living/dining area, 1 smaller kitchen, etc. A 3 bedroom home will have a larger kitchen, more bathrooms, more square footage overall. Unfortunately you must purchase the deal that suits the natural size of your home regardless of whether it needs cleaning.

10. What is this "please tip your cleaners" business in the fine print?

Our cleaners will work hard for you regardless of whether you tip them or not. However, please keep in mind that the cleaners do work partially on gratuity. It should also be regarded the same as in the restaurants in terms of % amount. Please only tip on the total bill of the service and not tip per cleaner. That is not necessary. They will equally divide the 1 tip. We Thank You in advance for your generosity.

To speak to a live agent, please call us at (703)537-1476. If the lines are busy, we may be serving other clients. Please leave us a message or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.