Vapor Steam Cleaning

Vapor steam cleaning

Eco Safe Maids is the first professional Eco Friendly cleaning company in the Tri-State area (DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland) that concentrates on eliminating hidden and harmful contaminants found in your home by using up to 350F vapor technology. At over 350F degrees; bacteria, germs, mold and mildew can not survive.

There is hidden contaminants inside every home that will further aggravate health conditions, deteriating immune systems, contribute to infection and even leaving lingering odors. With our new state of the art equipment, our technicians are able to get into nooks, edges, corners that conventional ordinary cleanings are not able to reach or get into. Our "sanitizing" process removes the harmful germs that can affect you and your loved ones health.

Our Eco Safe Technicians are now ready to improve your health with some of the following services: Complete home sanitizing, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, total vents in home, barbeque, grill and oven cleaning, mattress sanitizing, tile and grout restoration. Our services are a necessity for move in cleanings. Let us prepare your home for rent or before you move in so that you are free to live.

Complete Room Steam Sanitation

With our special steam/vapor technology, Eco Safe Maids techniques are guaranteed to be the best and most effective way of killing dust mites, bed mites and most bacteria and germs. Typical dust mites are known to be extraordinarily sensitive to extreme heat, they tend to be killed instantly at temperatures over 60ºC / 140ºF. The intense natural disinfecting heat produced from a our industrial steam cleaner at temperatures up to 192ºC / 378ºF actively blast away allergens killing dust mites and getting rid of other allergy causing pests such as scabies, lice, infestations and more.

The use of steam cleaners producing temperatures far greater than necessary to kill dust mites is important as the hotter the temperature is at the surface the deeper down that the steam temperature will reach and the deeper down that the treatment will kill dust mites. You can't afford to not get this treatment every 3 months. Call us to start your first treatment today.

Deep Mattress and Sofa Treatment

Instead of vacuuming dust, and dust mites out of your bed inefficiently and spending countless dollars on new dust mite mattress pad covers and other subpar items, incorporate the use of a mattresss deep clean treatment into your routine every 4 to 6 weeks to effectively kill all allergens on treated surfaces. The heat produced inside the steam cleaner is transferred to the surface in the vapor that exits through our machines, the dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens are instantly killed and trapped on the attached microfiber cloth. The intense jet of steam quickly breaks through and blasts away at bio films left on surfaces to insure the highest level of cleanliness. The vapor steam produced by our treatment is considered to be a dry vapor steam, meaning it contains less than 5% moisture content, completely removing the risk of mildew and mold growth, also reducing the exposed areas to very low humidity as to not promote growth of dust mites. With the elimination of chemicals, bio-films, dust mites, allergens and bacteria it’s easy to see how you can't afford to get our service.

Cost: Up to Twin size - $25, Full/Queen size - $40, Up to California King size - $50. Up to Sofa Size - $40. Minimum of 3 pieces required per visit.

Grill/BBq Cleaning

The benefits of our service for your grill is abundant. Our thorough steam cleaning process provides many benefits to all proud grill owners:

  • Prevents corrosion and rusted gas line clogs which may cause fires
  • Helps extend the live of your your grill and protect your valuable investment
  • Removes harmful carcinogens and charred food particles that can be transferred to your food.
  • Removes odor of lingering food and make your food tast even better and completely natural.

Cost: Starting from $75. Call us for a quote today 703-537-1476

Waterless Balcony Siding Cleaning

Is your balcony in need of cleaning and you live on an upper level floor? You can't use the pressure washer or water unless you want to pour water onto your neighbor below. We can clean your balcony the eco-friendly way and without all the messy water drip. We guarantee no water will ever reach your neigbor's below or around you. Landlords, if you own an apartment complex or condo units, call us for our complete balcony restoration package at a bulk discount rate.

Cost for treating 1 balcony up to 100 sq. ft - $100.