Maid Service Deal Certificate Redemption

Certificate redemption

Congratulations on purchasing our EcoSafeMaids.Com deal certificate. Not only did you save lots of “green” from our regular service prices but we now have great news for you also.

EcoSafeMaids.Com want to present you a sparkling and healthy home while improving our environment’s strength and sustainability. With your help, together we can make a difference in our life and our world! In our efforts to maintain further eco-balance, we also “auto-mize” our routes to reduce gas fumes and toxins; thus we book all of our routes in the same locale to achieve this goal. Please take heed of this when requesting dates.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased a deal that is by the hour, such as 3 hours for $90. Please note that we reserve the right to send you either 1 maid for 3 hours or 3 maids for 1 hour, etc.

Please note and be realistic in your expectations. Our friendly technicians are very diligent and work exceptionally hard in cleaning your home but depending on the condition of your home we may not be able to clean your entire home during our first visit. On average we are able to clean comfortably a home that is in maintained condition, and less than 2500 sq. ft in the 3 maid service hours. These vouchers are intended for you to evaluate our professional services for future use. Your house may not be completed in the 3 maid hours that are supplied if your home is over 2500 sq. ft . We are more than happy to provide additonal hours if needed for an additional low fee to fully complete the cleaning. Please don't hesitate to ask us for a quote, you will be surprised to see how affordable our rates are. We are very fair with our add on prices and do not price gouge our clients.

Unless your deal states the following items are included, this is a basic service overview of what to expect on how we will clean the following areas; bathrooms (including mopping of floors), kitchens (include mopping of floors), full vacuum, complete dusting of entire home, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Basic cleaning does not include: Mopping of hardwood floorings throughout the home (except the bathroom, kitchen and main entrance), any exterior (patios, garages, mud/laundry rooms, balconies, etc..), basements, window cleaning, inside ovens and refrigerators, washing of walls, or excessively dirty homes.

We suggest that you provide us with a list of priorities and main points of cleaning duties. For example: “Concentrate on bathroom floors” – “Please make our beds, sheets have been provided”. For your convenience, we have provided additional time and or services that you may need. Our pricing are very low and fair in keeping with the special deal pricings.

HINT: You may want to help us more effectively clean your home by preparing for us: Pick up any toys, organize remotes and items around home, de-clutter. The less time we spend in re-arranging and de-cluttering, the more time we will have to clean your home.Cleaning is hard work and the cleanliness of your home is continual work. It must be maintained and ongoing in order to sustain a healthy and clean home. Our goal is to earn your business while helping homes and the environment go green. EcoSafeMaids.Com are providing our incredible deal rates in hopes of achieving this goal.

NOTE: This voucher cannot be used for detailed cleaning, excessively dirty homes, new construction, move-in or move-out cleaning unless you.

TIPS: Although tax is included in the voucher price, please note that gratuity is not included. Please tip your cleaners. Clients always ask us what the "going" rate is on tips; 10 - 15% of the retail price of your voucher is customary. Please know that gratuity is not mandatory but is always greatly appreciated. On behalf of our cleaners, Thank You in advance.

Cancellation of a scheduled voucher / coupon redemption cleaning will take you out of your pre-arranged and agreed upon scheduled position, thus rotating you out of the schedule and repositioning you in the next available opening, behind all who may have validated their coupon after you, may or may not have yet been put on schedule for service. Please be aware that you may have sacrificed your position and it could put you days or even a week or more out before we can rotate you back into our schedule. You must cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment date or you forfeit your coupon.

When you are ready to book your appointment and receive service within the NEXT 30 DAYS fill out the form below. One of our scheduling representatives will send you an email with the first available service date in your area. If this date works please CONFIRM. If this date does not work, reply with 3 possible dates, and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.